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Authentically Repurposed

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Made with authentic designer fabric
upcycled designer

Authentically Repurposed

upcycled designer

Authentically Repurposed

Baby Blue Butterfly AF1
ConvertedKicks custom Baby Blue Butterfly AF1 is made using 6 blue butterfly embroidered patches stitched all over the shoe to ensure the highest quality possible with wear.
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Mixed Media
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Designer Bic Lighter Case

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GG Mickey Forces

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VIP Client Feedback

Bugzy Malone

“Raahhhs, you’ve gone the 9 yards you know! The tripple black are f*cking gangsta!”


“You Converted them for real ain't ya, you can't go to no one else”


“JHEEZE they’re cold g! Respect, you get me. You're hard G!”