How did we connect?

Aitch2O Tour 17/09/19

I was invited to the Islington stop of the Aitch2O tour by UK artist ZieZie as we were working on a LV set together. I thought it would be rude not to bring Aitch something to his tour so ZieZie made the link and we got to work.

We were brought backstage to drop a pair of 'Drip GG AF1s' to Aitch before he went on stage.

Thoughts behind the

GG Drip AF1 for Aitch

I decided to go with Gucci fabric as Aitch often mentions it in his music. For example he says "Gucci on my ends, M-O-S-T-O-N" in Moston and "Gucci buckle with the snake but my hoodie looking BAPE" in Taste.

Instead of just doing the regular GG forces I thought it would be unique by adding a drip affect of the fabric as if it was running down the shoe. I hadn't ever seen anyone else do this stitched onto the shoe with authentic fabric. I even incorporated some vintage Gucci straps on the inside of the shoe and also the classic green and red fabric to replace the tongue tag.

You can find the full making video with the meet here.

It was a pleasure making and delivering these shoes to Aitch. The show was great, but hanging out backstage chatting to him was awesome. He was super humble and really chill. I can only describe it as being in the PE changing rooms at secondary school. He instantly asked to get a picture then he posted and tagged on his instagram!

We have chatted a few times since so I'm sure we will do something again in the future.