How did we connect?

Sneakercon LDN 10/12/22

Mo stopped by my table and browsed a little before said he "is this all made from real stuff!?". I replied "Yes ofcourse!" and then explained how I made some of the pieces. He said he loves all my stuff!

He decided to pick up an 'Eclipse Monogram Watch Band' and we chatted briefly before I dropped a couple business cards in his bag and off he went.

S5 E.3

Celebrity Gogglebox

While I was watching Channel 4's Celebrity Gogglebox I was surprised to see Mo wearing the apple band he picked up just a few months prior. I replayed, paused, replayed multiple times trying to make out if it was the band and you can just see the LV logo. Looks great!

Crepe City 26/11/23

Fast forward to Crepe City, Mo came by my table AGAIN! This time saying he's been looking for me as he lost my business card. We sorted it, he picked up a bunch more products and hopefully we'll be working on some custom pieces soon.